Creativity not Captivity: Themes for an Accessible Escape Room

So what will the theme be? This is the first question our team works on when we start a new accessible escape room. The term “escape room” often causes people to think of being locked up in a small place or placed in a straight jacket. Some escape rooms do this but we do not.

At its core, an escape room is about having fun while solving puzzles to achieve a goal. That goal does not need to be getting out. Often in commercial escape rooms, the fun themes such as candy factories or treasure hunts target kids. The puzzles in these are often easier. This approach misses a whole market of people who love solving puzzles but do not enjoy the stress and anxiety of being locked up or restrained.

Two women having fun with a puzle in the background

Our themes appeal to adults and take anxiety into account. No locked rooms or doors. No traps or restraints. Just a lot of fun working together to solve a puzzle. For people with high anxiety or cognitive disabilities we even offer an option to play at the end of the day without a time limit. The theme and no time limits are part of providing an accessible escape room.

“As soon as I found out I wasn’t going to be locked in, my whole body relaxed.” That’s what one participant said recently. We want all our participants to know, you won’t have to escape anything to play. And we hope you’ll have a great time!

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